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Pack Rat FAQ

Here are some common questions for the Weather Guard Pack Rat.

Does the Pack Rat come assembled?

Yes it will come assembled so you do not have to put it together. You will receive instructions on how to install it.

Are these drawers water proof or resistant?

The Packrat does have some weather-stripping which will help protect against some elements but is not considered water proof. These products hold up well against the elements

How is the Pack Rat mounted on the truck?

The unit is mounted to the truck using blind fasteners into the bed of the truck. 

Does the install make a hole in your truck bed? When you remove it do you need to worry about water?

Please view the installation manual here.

Do you have an installation manual for the Pack Rat.

Yes you can view it here.

What stops the drawer from coming out and falling on me?

The drawer itself will have stop brackets located inside the drawer that stops it from sliding the whole way out.

Can the dividers be removed?

The individual smaller dividers can be removed from this drawer, however the long dividers that run the length of the box are welded for structural purposes and are not able to be removed.

I see that the dividers can be removed, but can the compartments be removed to create one big drawer?

Unfortunately they cannot be removed to created 1 large drawer.

Can the drawer be completely taken out?

You need to pull the drawer completely. There are two drawer tracks/slides on the left and right side being connected with rivets. you need to shear those 2 rivets on both sides to loosen the drawer. Once the rivets are loose, they can take out the drawer completely.

Can I order custom drawer units? (or custom sizes)

Sorry Weather Guard does not manufacturer any custom sized boxes.

Can I load a 4-wheeler on top of the box (or anything else heavy) ?

It depends on the model. For example, the 338-5 can support 750 pounds on top of the unit. As long as you don't go over that it will be fine.

How many keys does it come with?

They come with two keys.